This Parish, along with the whole of the Church of England takes very seriously the safeguarding of all in its care, but especially the young or vulnerable amongst us.

As you may know, all those who hold office in this church are required to undertake regular safeguarding training and to act in accordance with the law and good practice on this subject. The Parish also has a safeguarding policy which the PCC ensures is followed to the letter.

With all this in mind, Guildford Diocese is currently undertaking a Past Cases Review to ensure that anyone affected by safeguarding issues, or who has been a victim of abuse of any kind in a church context, has the opportunity to speak out with confidence and be heard.

Therefore, if you feel you have been the victim of any kind of abuse from anyone in a position of leadership or ministry in this parish, recently or in the past, please feel free to speak to our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Sheila Buller (contact details on weekly news sheet) or if it is something you cannot speak to her about, please instead contact the Vicar, Mark Hayton on 01252 219281.