In 2015 All Saints was badly damaged following an arson attack which rendered it completely unusable. The fire destroyed the roof and much of the ornate interior, leaving only the main brick structure but retaining its Grade II* status.

The fire instigated a huge public outpouring of grief at the loss of the church which has been at the heart of Fleet since the town’s early beginnings. The PCC and members of the church have been heartened by the support received from the community of Fleet

As the church was insured it is covered for the rebuilding cost as it was pre-fire. However, our community have encouraged us to make significant improvements and additions which will not be covered by insurance.

A magnificent fundraising campaign was started but unfortunately COVID 19 resulted in fundraising coming to an abrupt halt in 2020 and since then costs have gone up significantly and more money needs to be raised if we are to provide the community with all the new facilities it needs in a town so critically short of community space.

We have therefore decided to go ahead with the building project in two phases (plans shown below).

Phase 1, rebuilding the main church has already started and we expect to see completion around December 2022.

Phase 2, the building of an annexe with community facilities, will start as soon as the funds have been secured.

We are confident that by the grace of God and the generosity of our community and grant making bodies this will be achieved.

Further information can be found on the building progress including the monthly updates from our buildings group can be found on our  News Page.

Events and other fundraising news can be found on our Fundraising Page.

You can see some of the history, including memories/hopes/dreams expressed straight after the fire in our brief summary page.