In the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Guildford

In the parish of All Saints, Fleet

Church of Fleet: All Saints

NOTICE IS GIVEN that we are applying to the Consistory Court of the diocese for permission to carry out the following:

The Chancellor of the Diocese of Guildford has already granted a faculty for the restoration of All Saints Church, the provision of a new West Door and the addition of an Annexe to the north side. In order to facilitate these works, this new faculty application covers a proposal for the removal of 136 grave markers in All Saints churchyard and follows a memorandum received from the Chancellor dated 8th January 2021.

95 grave markers, including one war grave marker, had to be removed in order to erect the protective scaffolding over the building in 2016 (this was the subject of a separate temporary faculty at the time). These grave markers have been stored since the fire and the parish is paying a monthly fee for this. A further 41 grave markers, including 2 war grave markers, will need to be removed to facilitate the building works.

Following the completion of this work the 3 war graves will all be restored to their original positions. After much consultation and publicity, requests have been received that a further 13 grave markers be saved. When the building work is complete, 9 of these will be returned to their original positions and the other 4 will be relocated in the churchyard in consultation with interested parties.

The parish proposes that the remaining 120 grave markers be permanently destroyed. Copies of the relevant plans and documents may be examined by arrangement with Fleet Parish Office, tel:01252 812114 or email

If you wish to object to any of the works or proposals you should send a letter or email stating the grounds of your objection to The Diocesan Registrar at

The Bishop of Guildford’s Registry

1 The Sanctuary

so that your letter reaches the registrar not later than 10/03/2021. A letter of objection must include your name and address and state whether you live in the parish and/or your name is entered on the church electoral roll of the parish or any other basis on which you have an interest in the matter.