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Reverend Mark Hayton.
Reverend Mark Hayton.Vicar
The Vicarage, Branksomewood Road, Fleet, GU51 4JU
01252 219281
Mrs Rebecca Ratnasamy.
Mrs Rebecca Ratnasamy.Parish Administrator
The Parish Administrator can be contacted at the Parish Office, which is in the Fleet Parish Community Centre, next to All Saints Church in Church Road, Fleet.

Tel: 01252 812114 or by email at:

Robert Smith.
Robert Smith.Website, ChurchSuite & Data Protection Manager, Music Coordinator, Churchwarden
and Grandad! Robert is always pleased to hear comments about the parish music, website or rotas. Please notify him of anything on the website that is not intuitive, doesn’t work or is incorrect. He is also happy to upload information that needs to be made available to the church members or the wider community.

Tel. 01252 624171 or E-mail:

Sandie Pearce.
Sandie Pearce.Hall Bookings Manager
From 1st Feb 2024, administration of hall and church bookings is by our Hall Bookings Manager, Sandie Pearce, which is a voluntary post. Our halls are extremely busy so please forgive any delays in responding, especially regarding one-off bookings where regular hirers need to be consulted first.

E-mail: or Tel: 07961 604279

PARISH OFFICE HOURS – The Parish Office will be open: 10am-12pm, Monday to Friday.