Can you help us trace their families?

As announced, as part of the work to protect All Saints Church until rebuilding work can start, it has been necessary to move a number of gravestones around the Church. We are making every effort to let loved ones and descendants of those buried here know what we are doing and why.

If you are a relative of any of those listed below, or can help us trace any descendants please contact us by email at .

Please see the attached gravestone list for the text on the gravestones. (This file is in PDF format and may require additional software to view it.) A record of the location of the gravestone or memorial and a plan of the churchyard can be seen in the Parish Office.

If you would like further information about this process, or any other aspect of our rebuilding programme, please call

The Parish Office – 01252 812114

The Vicar – 01252 219281

Thank you for your help and understanding in protecting our church heritage.

List is sorted by Name (Surname or last name)

Index A to C D to L M to P S to W
Name Christian Names Date of Death & Address in Burial Register
ACHESON Alfred Ernest 7/12/1892
ACHESON Ella 8/3/1892  Fleet
ACHESON Ida Silvia Kate 19/7/1899
ADAMS Harry Simpson 08/08/1927
ADAMS Kate 04/12/1962
AKERS Francis Williams 04/07/1953
AKERS Sarah Jane 04/01/1928
ATKIN Anna 02/03/1919
ATKIN Henry 08/03/1932
AYRES Annie Elizabeth 03/12/1919
AYRES John 16/06/1932
AYRES Louisa 23/10/1943
BAREHAM Rose x/x/1962
BARKER Edward 02/01/1928
BRAY Alfred 20/08/1906 Fleet
BRAY Ann 8/4/1888 Buckingham Palace Mews
BRAY Ann Elizabeth 20/1/1895 Fleet
BRETT Arthur Torr 21/07/1990
BRETT Edith May 18/03/1982
BRETT Joy 07/08/1903
BRETT William T 09/12/1926
BRINTON James 07/12/1924
BRINTON Mary 12/09/1924
BROWN Ann 19/1/1892  Broadstairs
BROWN Emma Jane 15/5/1808
BULLOCK Edwin George 09/07/1923
CARLETON Mildred 16/06/1912  Church Grove, Fleet
CLARKE Barbara Margaret CRAIG x/x/1987
CLARKE Harold Officer x/x/1962
CLARKE William Douglas CRAIG x/x/1963
DUNBAR Emma Jane 15/03/1915 Rochester Grove, Fleet
EDMONDS C R 03/02/1940
EDMONDS Leonard 10/03/1925
FARLEY Georgina R 04/12/1927
FOARD Thomas 05/07/1917  Reading Rd, Fleet
GALE Henry Davis 10/10/1962
GALE Mary Elizabeth 24/08/1998
GOOSE William Norman 23/02/1926
GRETTON Beatrice Alice 07/04/1927
GRETTON William Ernest Steel 14/11/1972
HARINGTON F J 20/10/1961
HARINGTON Olive Isabel 17/03/1923
HAYTER Sarah Jane 30/03/1927
HAYTER Thomas 11/03/1930
HENSHAM Daniel Wyatt 15/2/1878
HOAR Mary Ann 7/8/1851
HOAR William 31/01/1932
HOWARD Samuel 17/12/1917
JAMES Richard Patrick 14/07/1910  Fleet
JAVES Jesse 11/11/1918
JAVES Rhoda 04/03/1933
LANE A U (Ury) 02/02/1927
LANE Hilda Rachel 10/01/1976
LANE Peggy NALDEN x/x/1976
LIGHT Katharine Spencer 21/5/1889   Fleet
LIGHT Mary Ann 28/2/1895   Fleet
LIGHT William Edward 6/6/1898
LIMING Celia 14/05/1900    Fleet
LIMING Elizabeth 6/6/1875 Fleet
MACKENZIE Lizzie 08/06/1911   Fleet
MARTYR Peter Horace 31/07/1906  Hillside,  Fleet
MOFFATT Eliza Anna 18/1/1892  Fleet
MOFFATT John Anderson 11/8/1888   Fleet
MOFFATT John Samuel 15/03/1926
MOFFATT Louisa Mary 5/5/1891  Fleet
MOFFATT Selina Jane 12/06/1931
MONK Annie Charlotte 06/01/1926
MOTT John Thomas 05/02/1940
MOTT Louisa Elizabeth 21/02/1927
NEALE Fanny 20/01/1929
NEALE Stella 08/03/1927
OAKLEY Ernest James Slater 27/10/1918
OAKLEY Kathleen 26/08/1934
OGILVIE Edward Collingwood
OGILVIE Kathleen Minette
PACKHAM Teresa P 03/11/1927
PARROTT Emily Anna 26/07/1937
PARROTT John W D 15/08/1927
PLUMMER Harriet 23/07/1908  Fleet
PLUMMER William Henry 8/8/1896  The Old Parsonage, Fleet
POPE William E 01/06/1926
PULLINGER Alice Mary 20/12/1916   14 Mildmay Terrace, Hartley Wintney
RICHARDSON Charles Maurice 10/12/1925
SANDERS Francis Williams 7/6/1895   Fleet
SAYER Kenneth George 23/05/1920
SILVER Agnes 08/01/1919
SILVER C. 21/01/1916
SILVER Edith 18/09/1952
SILVER George 10/09/1930
SILVER T.C. 19/11/1927
SMITH Caroline 22/03/1927
SMITH Hnery J 03/09/1938
STOWELL F Arthur 18/01/1927
STOWELL H Peter Heasman 22/01/1928
SWAN Nora 24/06/1925
TATE Mary Jane 15/01/1924
TERRY Mary 30/11/1925
THORNHILL Helen Vera 27/07/1964
THORNHILL Tony 10/04/1984
THORNHILL William Johnson 27/12/1960
TOPPING Emily 8/4/1869 Fleet
TOPPING Henry 16/11/1877   Hounslow
TOPPING Mary Anne 29/3/1883  Plymouth
UNKNOWN In loving memory of our dear mother Peace perfect Peace (no name or date)
WACKETT Mary A C 29/08/1919
WACKETT William C S 11/03/1927
WATSON possibly: Eliza possibly: 3/4/1893
WEST Elizabeth x/x/1975
WEST Norman Edward x/x/1986
WINDIATE Sarah Jane 07/08/1927
WINDIATE Walter 24/07/1937
WOODBURN James W F 26/8/1879   Fleet
WRIGHT Archibald Thomas SOUTH 30/11/1990
WRIGHT Ernest James Slater 25/12/1967
WRIGHT Mary Ann 07/08/1927
WRIGHT Violet Alice SOUTH 18/02/1930
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