All Saints Church Ceiling

The removal of internal and external scaffolding is now almost complete, the final section over the chancel will be taken away once the external eastern cross is reinstalled and the surrounding tiling is completed.

An external trench has been dug to allow installation of a new electricity main into the church – this is almost complete.

The internal limecrete slab has been laid and is now curing. Lower level decoration and brick remedial work was temporarily halted for this, but has now restarted. Once the slab has dried sufficiently re-laying of the floor tiles will be able to start.

Breakthrough work for the new west porch has now started alongside the necessary external groundworks, which were already in progress. We have been warned of a potential 4-6 week delay to final completion of the project, caused by a necessary redesign of the porch footings due to the discovery of shallow graves (as mentioned in previous reports) and additional works to the plant room roof and floor.

The photo shows the completed ceiling and (not quite finished) high-level decoration and ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ arch – taken on Tuesday 5th July.