There has been good progress with the roof in the last month. The felt, battening and insulation over the nave is complete, and high level electrical cabling installed, with tiling now about to start. Work on the roofs to the side aisles is almost complete. Brick repairs are progressing well within the nave and preparatory works to the rose window are ready for the installer to visit. The faculty for the Rose Window has been granted and work on the project can now go ahead.

Externally there have been some delays to the drainage works (outside the FPCC), caused by grave locations, other objects in the ground, and the need to circumvent tree protection zones. Reinstatement of the area should be starting very soon.

The discovery of a shallow grave in the location of the new porch has temporarily halted work in that area. A new design for the groundworks is being agreed with the necessary parties – this will mean additional costs for the PCC but is not expected to cause further delays to the overall project schedule.

Detailed discussions have been taking place on the design of the internal porch at the west end, options for window opening mechanisms, disabled access to the chancel and the mix of old and new floor tiles.