All Saints Update – February 2022

Work on the roof has progressed well during January and it is now mostly boarded in – the roof insulation is being applied and we hope that tiling will start very soon.  Work to repair the badly damaged dome has been completed ready for that part of the roof to be reconstructed.

The beautiful crosses that were embedded in the roof at both ends of the church have been removed and cleaned ready to be put back.

Internally the cleaning of the brick work is now almost complete and the colour samples of the painted areas are underway.   The three stained glass windows in the East end of the church have been uncovered and have withstood the fire remarkably well.   So far one has been cleaned (see right) which looks wonderful.

The floor tiles have mostly been cleaned now – each one being individually worked on.

The repairs to the stonework surrounding the rose window have been completed as has the 28 day notice period for the faculty.  We are hopeful that the faculty will be granted soon which will allow the work on the newly designed rose window to begin.

Externally the drainage works continue and should be complete around the FPCC area by the end of February.

Below are shown the latest pictures from our site manager, Tony Pateman.