Our Parochial Church Council (PCC) meets on an alternate-monthly basis.  The PCC oversees the life, worship, work and finances of the whole parish.

Our PCC consists of the following people:

Vicar: Revd Mark Hayton (Chair)

Churchwardens: Jenny Thorne & Robert Smith

Deanery Synod: Dick Fawn, Jane Jones & Sally Hastings

PCC Secretary: Nick Doran

Interim Treasurer: Michael Ford

Elected Members: Amy Canham, Jean Carr, Jan Cole, Jean Hawkins, Claire Holt, Dawn Ward, Peter Ward.

Rev Mark Hayton.
Rev Mark Hayton.Vicar and Chair of the PCC
Jenny Thorne.
Jenny Thorne.Churchwarden
Robert Smith.
Robert Smith.Churchwarden
Dick Fawn.
Dick Fawn.Deanery Synod
Jane Jones.
Jane Jones.Deanery Synod
Sally Hastings.
Sally Hastings.Deanery Synod
Nick Doran.
Nick Doran.PCC Secretary
Michael Ford.
Michael Ford.Interim Treasurer
Amy Canham.
Amy Canham.Elected Member
Jean Carr.
Jean Carr.Elected Member
Jan Cole.
Jan Cole.Elected Member
Jean Hawkins.
Jean Hawkins.Elected Member
Dawn Ward.
Dawn Ward.Elected Member
Peter Ward.
Peter Ward.Elected Member
Claire Holt.
Claire Holt.Elected Member