The Parish of Fleet has six licences from Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) for each church, All Saints and P&J, as follows:

Church Copyright Licence™

The Church Copyright Licence permits churches to project or print out the words and music to the world’s great worship songs and hymns. With this licence, the church is covered for recording services on behalf of those unable to attend in person. Further, the licence permits the creation of custom musical arrangements where no published version exists. A simple alternative to seeking direct permission from each copyright owner, the Church Copyright Licence is a trusted solution and presently covers more than 24,000 churches in the UK.

Full details: Church Copyright Licence Terms of Agreement

Music Reproduction Licence

You may be unaware that permission is required to photocopy typeset sheet music even if the work you wish to reproduce is no longer in copyright. Why? Because typography retains its own copyright. To address this issue, the Music Reproduction Licence was designed as an optional add-on to the Church Copyright Licence. This licence enables you to legally photocopy or scan typeset pages from many of the songbooks and music publications commonly used by churches. It also permits you to share sheet music digitally—such as by emailing PDFs to others or by downloading music from a file-sharing app.

Full details: Music Reproduction Licence Terms of Agreement

Church Video Licence

The Church Video Licence™ provides the legal cover required to publicly show film scenes during services. When combined with other licences, it also permits churches to show films and TV broadcasts outside of worship services, for example, during youth clubs, outreach events and social activities. The Church Video Licence covers more than 1,300 studios and producers, including: 20th Century Fox, Disney, MGM, Paramount, Pixar, Universal, BBC Worldwide and ITV Productions. To further inspire your use of film scenes in teaching, free access to our sister site, ScreenVue® Vault is included.

Learn more: Church Video Licence + ScreenVue

PRS for Music Church Licence

As an agent for PRS for Music, CCLI tailors coverage for churches to host live music performances, concerts and recitals on their premises. While music played during regular worship services (known as Acts of Worship) does not currently require licensing, the PRS for Music Church Licence covers your church for other music performances, such as during socials and outreach events and film soundtracks. When combined with the PPL Church Licence you’ll also be covered to play commercial music recordings on formats such as CD and MP3.

Full details: Playing Music Licence Manual

PPL Church Licence

Add ambience. As an agent for Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL), CCLI offers the PPL Church Licence. When combined with the PRS for Music Church Licence this covers churches to legally play music recordings on CD, MP3 and other formats in activities on church premises. Although music played during Acts of Worship does not currently require licensing, recordings played at other times—such as during clubs, socials, outreach events or by third-party groups meeting on your premises—requires both licences.

Full details: Playing Music Licence Manual

CCLI Streaming Licence

Stay connected with your congregations. For streaming or webcasting, live-recorded worship services, over 3,000 publishers are covered, representing the vast majority of Christian songs sung in worship services. The Church Copyright Licence covers song activity in your usual place of worship whilst the CCLI Streaming Licence™ extends that protection to services posted online.

Full details: CCLI Streaming Licence