The main visible change over the last month has been the gradual removal of the external scaffolding – revealing the completed roof to the nave and side aisles. Work continues to complete tiling of the chancel, at which point the remaining external scaffolding will be removed. Internal scaffolding is also being taken away as high level decoration work nears completion. The Holy, Holy, Holy, arch is nearly finished (see work in progress photo above) as are the necessary high level electrical installations. Plaster works to the chancel are also nearly complete, with soffit boarding to be concluded in the next month

Work on the West Porch has started, with the piles now installed and tested. Further groundworks will be starting soon. As the external scaffolding is removed, further drainage and lay-by works will be able to start.

The necessary redesign of the West Porch foundations (and associated procurement delays), together with a redesign of the internal plant room, introduce the possibility of a delay to the final completion date of the project. We hope to have more information on this next month.