We have a new PCC!

Thank you to everyone who stood for election to the PCC this year.

Our newly elected members, the church that they represent and the term that they were elected for:

Mike Benham (AS) 3 Years
Michael Ford (P&J) 3 Years
Mary Goodson (P&J) 3 Years
Jenny Thorn (AS) 3 Years
Kate Dashwood (AS) 2 Years
Rod Williamson (AS) 2 Years
Richard Buller (P&J) 2 Years
Claire Holt (P&J) 2 Years
Jonathan Anscombe (AS) 1 Year
Jane Campbell (AS) 1 Year
Nic Evans (AS) 1 Year
John Watts (P&J) 1 Year

The PCC also includes:

Rev Roy Woodhams (Incumbent Vicar), Rev Andreas Sistig (Associate Vicar), Revd Jennifer Sistig (Non-Stipendiary Minister), Andrew Moyse (Churchwarden), Nick Doran (Churchwarden), Jane Jones (Deanery Synod), Barry Hanson (Deanery Synod), Jon Harrow (Deanery Synod).


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