The Bishop of Guildford’s Lent Call 2014

The Bishop of Guildford’s Lent Call 2014 – Count Your Blessings – is in partnership with Christian Aid – which helps change the lives of poor communities around the globe. The call is to pray, fast and give – donations split equally between Christian Aid and the Bishop of Guildford’s Foundation (BGF) – which funds many local faith-linked projects in the diocese.

A few examples of the 40 reflections (and actions) in the Count Your Blessings calendar include:

  • There are now over 30 foodbanks and breakfast clubs in Surrey and north-east Hampshire (Action: Give 40p for every meal you have today and 50p for every pudding)
  • In Afghanistan, more than one in ten children die before their fifth birthday (Action: Give 10p for every fifth birthday you have celebrated)
  • There are an estimated 12,000 young carers in the diocese, many unsupported (Action: Give 50p for every time you have been helped to look after your loved ones)
  • On average, a five-minute shower in the UK uses twice as much water as someone in Africa uses in a day (Action: Give £1 if you took a shower today that lasted more than 2½ minutes)

More details of the Lent Call, including the Lent Calendar, are on the Guildford Diocese web site

If you have a smartphone there is a Count Your Blessings app available on the Christian Aid web site – with advice on how to install and use the app.


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