Are you wondering how you can take back a bit of control when faced with the Coronavirus threat? There is something we can all do and which will have the added bonus of building up our community by forming relationships with our neighbours.

The following is a template which you might use to start a Buddy community in your street. If a vulnerable neighbour or someone who is self-isolating needs someone to run an errand for them they will contact you and you can put them in touch with a buddy, so you can organise this even if you are stuck at home, in which case you might be a beneficiary!

Dear Neighbour,

If you are unable to leave your house because you have to self-isolate or if you are ill with coronavirus you might appreciate being able to call on a “buddy” who will be willing to run errands for you.

Or you might be happy to offer to be a buddy for someone else in that situation.

I hope I can recruit some volunteer buddies from our near neighbourhood, that is xxx. Life is clearly going to be challenging over the next few weeks or months and it would be good to help each other out when necessary.

Please reply to me if you are happy to help or when you need help by email, xxx, by phone xxx or by posting a note through my door xxx

Thank you!