APCM 2013 – Vicar’s Annual Report

APCM Vicar’s Report 2013 

You are going to ‘get off lightly’ this evening! For fear of saying too many of the things that I might want to save for my leaving service, this Vicar’s Report has been cut down to a minimum!
Looking back across the nine years that I have been here, I become amazed at just how much we have achieved together, and the way that the parish has ‘moved on’ and been transformed in many different ways. I think one of the most significant things has been our Parish Mission Statement, “Welcoming all in the community into the love
of Christ”. This statement has been so significant, because it has become part of our everyday language and has underpinned so much of what we have done, with our buildings, with our worship, with our outreach and with the profile of our Churches within the community.
2012 was a year of celebration in the parish as we gave thanks for 150 years of Church life and faith in the Fleet Community. And celebration is at the heart of the few things I want to say to you in this report tonight – celebration of all the good things that happen in the life of our Churches and Parishes.

  • LCCs
  • Prayer initiatives
  • Outreach Activities
  • Occasional Offices
  • Year End Accounts for 2012
  • Links with the schools (and particularly All Saints School)
  • Work with Children and Families
  • Buildings
  • Volunteers

And so I will end with the traditional ‘thank yous’:

  • To the ministry Team – Andreas, Jennifer, Pauline, Ron, Mary and John, (and to Garth who has joined us this year) for all the support that they have given to me, and for the inspiring leadership they provide for all our worship.
  • To our exceptionally hard-working and dedicated Churchwardens, Andrew and Nick, and their Assistants, this year, Tricia and Mike .
  • To Chantelle, our Parish Administrator and Coordinator of Communications, now heading towards the end of her 2nd year with us, and whose expertise and dedication in her role means that the Parish ‘runs’ more smoothly than it has for a long time.
  • To our PCC, and especially to Allan Butterfield, Rod Cutler and Tricia White, who are all stepping down this year.
  • To Helen Leather who was appointed Honorary Secretary to the PCC, but had to quickly step down due to ill health, and to John Baxter who stepped in and grasped the role with enthusiasm and expertise.
  • Also on the administrative side, to our Finance Committee, chaired by Richard Buller, and to Lynda Hix for managing the halls.
  • To the Pastoral Assistants and their teams for the hours which they give supporting the Ministry Team and engaging with those who come to us seeking pastoral care.
  • To the Junior Church Leaders, and Holiday Church Leaders, Youth Leaders, Creche supervisors, and leaders of Praise and Play and the Friday Toddler Group.
  • To our Electoral Roll Officer, Pamela Pimm
  • To our Social Committee, who have even more than usual during the 150th Anniversary Year done an incredible job of fundraising and providing a programme of social activities for all ages. Especially to those who do the Outreach events like the Midweek Lunches, Afternoon Teas and the Craft Group.
  • To our musicians, intercessors, readers, servers, sacristans, cleaners, flower arrangers, gardening teams and coffee providers.
  • To all of our Volunteers.
  • To my fantastic family for all the support which they give to me in my ministry and to the Parish.
  • As usual, ‘thank you’ to anyone I have inadvertently missed out!
  • But most especially this year, I want to say Thank You to all of you who have made my nine years in Fleet, challenging, interesting and rewarding!

    Roy Woodhams – 18th April 2013

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