Annual Parochial Church Meeting 28 April 2014

Summary of elections at the Vestry Meeting and APCM and the Associate Vicar’s Report

At the Vestry Meeting  – Election of Church Wardens

Mr Nick Doran was proposed as Churchwarden by Richard Buller and seconded by Karen Kite.
Mr Andrew Moyse was proposed as Churchwarden by Sue Benham and seconded by Camilla Deane.
In the absence of any other nominations, Nick Doran and Andrew Moyse were duly elected.

At the ACPM – Election of Members to the Deanery Synod

  Proposed Seconded Result
Jon Harrow (P&J) M Benham K Kite Elected
Barry Hanson (AS) M Benham K Kite Elected
Jane Jones (P&J) M Benham K Kite Elected

At the ACPM – Election of PCC members for 3 year term

  Proposed Seconded Result
Camilla Deane (AS) M Benham N Evans Elected
Jim Burke (AS) B Hanson J Bell Elected
Chantelle Gardner (P&J) R Buller B Meeres Elected
Jean Carr (AS) C Deane J Hall Elected

The list of new PCC members therefore is as follows:-

Candidate Remaining Term of Office
Camilla Deane (AS) 3 Years
Jim Burke (AS) 3 Years
Chantelle Gardner (P&J) 3 Years
Jean Carr (AS) 3 Years
Mike Benham (AS) 2 Years
Michael Ford (P&J) 2 Years
Mary Goodson (P&J) 2 Years
Jenny Thorne (AS) 2 Years
Kate Dashwood (AS) 1 Years
Rod Williamson (AS) 1 Years
Richard Buller (P&J) 1 Years
Claire Holt (P&J) 1 Years

Associate Vicar’s Report

Associate vicar’s report APCM 2014


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