PCC Awayday – November 2014

PCC Away Day - November 2014

PCC Away Day – November 2014. From Left to Right: Tony Cooper, Jim Burke, Camilla Deane (front), Claire Holt, Jenny Thorne, Chantelle Gardner, Rod Williamson, Jean Carr (front), Kate Dashwood, Mike Ford), Rev Pauline Moyse (front), Rev Mark Hayton, Hannah Moore, Nick Doran, Andrew Moyse, Jon Harrow, Mary Goodson, Alison Wyld (front), Barry Hanson, Richard Buller. Not present: Jane Jones, Mike Benham.

The PCC met for an Away Day on 16 November – not far away. This was a day to reflect upon our life together as a parish, to listen to one another, and to God, and to consider what might be his plan for us for the next few years.

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