All Saints School Links

ASS LogoAll Saints Church of England Junior School is the church school in the parish and we strive to grow the links between the parish and the school. 

The first parish school was built almost 150 years ago on the junction of Church Road and Albert Street. As Fleet grew, particularly in the 1950s, this became too small and the school is now located Leawood Road on the west side of the parish.

Every child is expected to adopt a Christian attitude which encourages a happy and caring atmosphere.

The parish strongly supports All Saints School, and there are continuing plans to strengthen this link in the coming years.

Headteacher Alison Wyld shows where the first brick is to go.

The school is currently being expanded to give four classes in each year. Great care has gone into the planning to ensure that the school maintains its happy and caring atmosphere, such as being able to hold whole school assemblies in an expanded hall, and with extra community facilities.

It is renowned for its Music and Arts facilities and high standards.  Our clergy visit the school regularly, and baptisms take place as well as having services and visits to All Saints Church. In the last year the school has taken part in our All Age Worship, as well as performing for our lunchtime concerts.

There is a Liaison Group between the Parish and the school, which meets twice per year and we have recently started a prayer group.

The schools website is at .

If you have any questions or queries, particularly on admissions, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.

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