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All Saints Junior School is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary and this also coincides with the 15th anniversary of the partnership with Soma Lower Basic School in The Gambia. As part of the celebrations, they are hoping to build an outdoor classroom in the shape of traditional African Roundhouse. They have put in an application to the
Lloyds Community Fund and are delighted to have been shortlisted. This means that they will receive between £500 and £3,000 depending on the public votes. So please vote for them!

The number of votes received will decide on how much money we are awarded with (£500, £1000, £2000 or £3000). For us, £3000 is our dream goal in order for the African Round House to become a reality in time for the 150/15 years celebrations in June! Please read on for our Community Fund application for those of you who would like more information about the project.

Voting for the Community Fund

How to Vote: One vote only per email address, Twitter account, mobile number or branch visit. Please vote by all four means if you can!

Online voting:
(when you get to the website, enter our postcode GU51 5AJ into the community search box and then you will find our school).

Twitter: TWEET#COMMFUND DVY to vote for All Saints Church of England Junior School

Phone: Text ‘VOTEDVY’ to 61119

Branch: Visit a local branch – Fleet, Farnborough, Camberley or Yateley.

Community Fund application

As a local junior school, we look to widen our children’s local and global perspectives through our link with Soma School in The Gambia. From entering the school in Year 3 to when they leave at the end of Year 6, the work we do together inspires our children to become active global citizens. Through participation in this project they have built up strong connections with the Soma children and built up a strong set of values to take with them through life.
All Saints Junior School is just about to celebrate its 150th anniversary and this also coincides with the 15 year anniversary of our partnership with Soma School. As part of this celebration, we are hoping to build a traditional African ‘Roundhouse’ as a visual representation of our link with Soma, and the Community Fund award would make a wonderful contribution towards the construction. The Roundhouse would be an outdoor learning space to be used by all the children as a place to play and learn and as well as children from our school, The Roundhouse would also benefit the wider community as it would be used by groups that use the school. These include KOOSA Kids who provide a breakfast and after school club and our local Brownie pack. It also forms part of our gardening project which is based upon creating a sustainable environment. We feel that as well as providing this valuable outdoor learning space, ‘The Roundhouse’ would be a lasting, sustainable embodiment of our link and as such, would continue to play a vital part in community life for many years to come.
As a school we actively raise money for Soma, but the construction of The Roundhouse would allow us to build something to celebrate this link in our community. As a focus for our 150 year anniversary, The Roundhouse would be a visual reminder of our commitment to work with others who are not as fortunate as ourselves and in its constant use, we would be reminded of our partnership on a permanent basis. Through wider use by additional groups, we would aim to increase awareness of this throughout our community and beyond.
Learning Through Friendship forges a partnership between children from All Saints and Soma school in The Gambia. It actively engages with children through cross curricular lessons, staff visits and joint projects. The Construction of a ‘Roundhouse’ will celebrate this link with the school and wider community.

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