What have we raised so far: £600,000

£600,000 Raised So Far
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Our Story

Following the devastating fire in All Saints Church in June 2015, we have been working with our insurers, architects, surveyors and most importantly the whole church and wider community to find a way to overcome our loss and build a Church that will once again be the place where our community meets at all stages of their lives. 

The Church insurance will cover a like for like rebuild but we know that this will not deliver the right Church building for the Fleet of now or the future. 

We plan to rebuild the Church and an annexe on the north side which will contain rooms available for community use. The Church and annexe will offer the whole community of Fleet a building worthy of this place for generations to come. 

What Will It Cost?

Anticipated Total Cost – £4,000,000 

Our insurers will contribute £3,000,000 which will reinstate the church on a like-for-like basis. 

The additional £1,000,000 will provide: 

  • An Annexe with its own access, providing essential new meeting room facilities for the whole community. It will include accessible toilets and basic kitchen facilities. 
  • Modern energy saving heating, new lighting system and full audio visual systems. 
  • Reinstate the original Burges design West Door opening into a welcome area. 
  • This would provide easy access for all. 

Time Frame For Raising Funds

We need to have raised the additional £985,000 by start of construction – hopefully late 2019 

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Shop at smile.amazon.co.uk, you’ll find the exact same prices, and selection as amazon.co.uk, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the charity. Just click on the link to select “The Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish Of All Saints Fleet” as your chosen charity.
  • Make a donation – on line via our CAF Donate Site.
  • Do your online shopping via our easyfundraising site, every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for Fleet PCC, it’s that easy!
  • By cheque made payable to Fleet PCC. (Please mark on back of cheques ‘for All Saints building fund’) and send to our Parish Office – Fleet Parish Community Centre, Church Road, Fleet GU51 4NB – for the attention of our Treasurer. 
  • Run a fundraising event 
  • Attend a fundraising event 
  • Offer help to others through our list of services
  • Spread the word!


  • Financial gifts from individuals, community groups and companies. 
  • Fundraising events. 
  • The Parish will be applying for grants. 

Finance FAQ’s

I’m already giving regularly. Will this be in addition to that?

Yes! Your regular giving allows us to keep the doors open, cover staff salaries, maintenance of our buildings, and much more.

How and when do I give?

We cannot start our full rebuild until we have the funds to do so. So please send your donation at your earliest convenience, for the attention of our Treasurer at the Parish Office

Can the Parish of Fleet claim gift aid?

Yes – if you are a UK tax payer, then for every £1 you give we can reclaim an additional 25p from the UK government. You can use one of our gift aid envelopes or we can send you a form to complete.

How can I get involved in fundraising activities?

Please support existing events & activities in any way you can. Run your own event. Make suggestions to the fundraising team.

Please consider the ways of giving carefully as they may not be appropriate for everyone, and consult your financial advisor before making any significant changes to your financial arrangements. 

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What have we raised so far: £600,000

£600,000 Raised So Far
Make a Donation

Memories, Prayers & Hopes

All Saints was my Church all through my teenage years and young adulthood. I was confirmed there and later my husband Henry and I married there. It has a very special place in my heart and this is indeed very sad news. However, as has been mentioned earlier – the Church is really the people of God and they all remain intact. Hopefully this beautiful building can in time be rebuilt to its former glory. Thanks to all the wonderful and brave fire crews who limited the damage.

Samantha Chandler

So many memories of this church but the happiest was when I was married to my husband in July 2013 by Jennifer. It was the most beautiful service. Small, intimate and personal. We had just been in contact with Mark about holding a Thanksgiving Service for our son here as well as it is such a special place. So grateful that no one was injured x


I was devastated to see All Saints Church last night with flames coming out of the roof. I have lived in Fleet for over 50 years and have so many wonderful memories of special times in the Church. I took my Confirmation classes there with Rev. Deeds. Many of my friends were married in the Church. More recently I have enjoyed special services for All Saints School with my children, especially the leavers service at the end of year 6 and enjoyed my daughter playing her flute there with the All Saints School Orchestra. All my love and prayers are with everyone affected by this very sad loss and hope and pray that we can in time rebuild our Church.

Nikki Chapman

All Saints has been part of our lives for so many years. All of our family’s Christening, Weddings and Funerals have been conducted there. Sadly Mum’s funeral was last December, she had worshipped at All Saints all of her 96 years, as well as arranged so many flowers there. We as a family are so sad and pray for you all.


Such a sad day – many generations of my family have been married, christened and had funerals at this beautiful and historic church. Our thoughts and prayers are with the community and congregation, we are so thankful that no-one was hurt. All Saints is a wonderful church and it will live on – our wedding there 5 years ago was such a beautiful day and although our daughters christening, which was due to happen at All Saints this weekend, will not take place there we know she will be welcomed into a strong and caring church family that will last forever.

Samantha Peacock

We were so sad to hear of the fire at All Saints as we were married there, our daughter was christened and married there and M’s father was a lay reader there. We have happy memories of the church and hope that it can be rebuilt.

Chris & Margaret Furzey
We currently live in New Hampshire USA but did live in Fleet before moving. We just wanted to say that we are really saddened by what has happened and are thinking of the community at this time.
Susan Proctor
I am so sad to see thIs wonderful church ruined in a matter of hours. I’ve spent many happy times there from midnight mass, the reading of my banns, my wedding and then our Daughters christening. And my heart goes out to all those who were planning their weddings and christening a there in the coming weeks. I hope we can restore it to its former glory. Fleet will unite as they always do.

On behalf of all at Hart Voices, we would like to celebrate the great many memories we made in this fantastic church. An historic landmark at the heart of the Fleet community for many years, All Saints is definitely Hart Voices’ “home”. We have rehearsed in the Parish Centre, every Wednesday evening, for many years (and hopefully will continue to) and have been lucky enough to have given a great many concerts in the outstanding acoustic of the church, accompanied by the magnificent organ. It is touching to read the glowing tributes of the Church and Parish, with the memories All Saints holds for the people of Fleet – it is a church (and for us, a concert venue) that is unmatched in the Fleet-area and will be greatly missed. On this terribly sad day for the Parish, for your faithful congregation and for Fleet as a wider community, we hope and pray that the church can be rebuilt and will assist in whatever way we can. And we look forward to a time when we can bring our music back to All Saints.

Hart Voices (Clare Thomas)

To our dear friends in Fleet . . . . We are absolutely devastated to hear of and see the pictures of destruction at All Saints. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this challenging time. How very appropriate is your verse of the day from Isaiah on the Parish website: “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” You are a sturdy lot of dedicated, faithful and determined folk – our memories are of so many happy occasions in the Church – All Saints will rise up from this and once again be the centre of faith in the community that it has been for the past 153 years! Our thoughts and prayers are with Mark and all of you today. God bless! Roy, Kate, Beth and Martha.

Roy Woodhams (Vicar of Fleet 2004 - 2013)

All Saints was my Nan’s church, Irene Findley. We had her funeral there & a service of rememberance there too.I also went with her to Midnight Mass on Xmas Eve.I feel very sad that such a Beautiful building that held so many memories for us as a family & countless others has been destroyed.I hope it can be rebuilt.

Kirsten Crossman

Our hearts go out to you at this sad time. Just wanted you to know that you have the love and prayers of all of us at St Anne’s Church, Bagshot.

Parish Administrator

My parents parish church, am devastated and so is my mum, I remember the celebrations when the church celebrated its anniversary, my mum had taken some lovely photos of the windows and such and sold them as postcards, they will be most treasured. My prayer is that this brings a community together and with God’s will that the church can be rebuilt.

sharon lloyd

All our love and prayers from Ros. Ken. Laura and Jenny and everyone in The Lenborough Benefice. we will be holding you in our prayers at all the churches this Sunday. Such a shock to see it on the news. So many memories of our life in fleet.So many wonderful people and friends, of taking services in the church, of laughter and and the touch of God in the lives of so many Easter Sunday follows Good Friday. Our Gracious and Almighty God will give you strength and comfort and everything you need to continue to build the Kingdom of God In Fleet. Poignant to see the font , but what a wonderful symbol of rebirth and renewal, I know it is going to be a long road. and sometimes hard but you will Arise! Ros, Ken, Laura and Jenny. Former curate

Ros Roberts

So sad to see the damage to a truly beautiful building. Thoughts and prayers are with all the congregation of All Saints and her sister church SS Philip and James. I know you will be grieving over the destruction but remember YOU are the true church and the body of Christ. Stay strong in him and he will bear you up.


How sad it’s a lovely church was married there in 1991 as my home town happy memories.

Evelyn Martin

I am absolutely gutted I lived in Fleet until 1985 one of my daughters still lives there so it is close to my heart. All my daughters were confirmed at All Saints one daughter married and one baptised. The Vicar and the congregation are in my thoughts

Mary Hart

This devasting event brought tears to my eyes as it is the church where my darling wife Dorothy and I were married on 8th June 1963. I look forward to donating funds to assist in the re-build in memory of my darling wife who passed away in March 1914. A wonderful church which needs our help.

Norman West

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Fleet at this sad time. I have sung concerts at All Saints with the Farnham Youth Choir and attended many others. It was such a beautiful building with a very welcoming congregation. I am sure you will re-build.

Amanda Smith

Having moved to Fleet in the late 70’s and attending confirmation classes at this church around 1988 with my best friends before going to the under 16’s night at the Fleet Country Club this church holds many memories…. I am devastated to seethe damage caused by a fellow human. Please let us know where we can donate or volunteer help for the future of All Saints Church Fleet.

Donna Joyce

Circle you O God keep hope within despair without

Circle you O God keep peace within and turmoil without.

Circle you O God keep calm within and storms without.

Circle you O God keep strength with in and weakness without

Arise today througha mighty strength, the invocation of the trinity.

Ros, Ken, Laura and Jenny
Former curate

Ros Roberts